Griffins at the 2016 Australian Running Festival Start Line

The Griffins Program celebrates those runners who have completed 10 or more Canberra Marathons. Operated and officiated by the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club, the Griffins Program was founded by Rob Ey in January 1994. Currently there are 171 runners who have completed ten or more Canberra Marathons.

Those part of the program fall under one of the following categories:

  • Griffins – 10 Canberra Marathons
  • Burley Griffins – 20 Canberra Marathons
  • Walter Burley Griffins – 30 Canberra Marathons

If you have completed nine Canberra Marathons and looking to participate in the 2018 Canberra Marathon please contact the club’s Griffins coordinator, Peter Thomson, at

Let’s all aim to get 50 Griffins complete the 2018 Canberra Marathon.

For more information on the Griffins history and program, click here